The Land

Talo Retreat is located within Moama on Murray Resort. The entire resort is located on the traditional land of the Yorta Yorta people. The resort owners and staff have a deep respect for the indigenous custodians of this land and for the preservation of the rich and timeless indigenous culture inherent in our country. The Yorta Yorta people have a strong connection to country. We are proud to join them as caretakers of this precious resource and respect the valuable heritage we have been entrusted with, Our guests are encouraged to walk gently on the land and respect the environment surrounding them.


Nature and Wildlife

Talo Retreat has been constructed in a natural clearing within the 82 acres of bush land that forms Moama on Murray Resort. Each Yurt has been constructed to maximize guest privacy whilst making the most of the magnificent bush setting. The flora and fauna are completely native to the area allowing the perfect environment for wildlife to thrive. A billabong has been formed within the retreat which has seen a significant increase in frog activity and bird life. The natural eco-system ensures that the frogs maintain the mosquito numbers allowing guests to enjoy sitting out at dusk.

The resort is surrounded by National Park and is home to hundreds of kangaroos, possums and countless varieties of birds. There are a number of walking tracks on the property for guests to enjoy the wildlife with minimum impact to the habitat they call home.



Sustainability Initiatives

  • Yurts are constructed from renewable Australian timber and lambswool sourced in Australia
  • guests encouraged to recycle with the use of colour coded bins and signage
  • Yurts have been constructed off the ground and boardwalks installed to minimize the impact on the environment
  • lambswool lined walls providing excellent insulation and lessen the need to use electric heating or cooling appliances
  • biodegradable cleaning products used to clean
  • environmentally friendly toiletry range provided
  • common area lighting controlled by the guest to be used only as required.
  • complimentary bike and canoe hire to allow guests to explore the environment but limit impact on the habitat